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Together with our Principals, Absec offers cashless Payment which facilitates cashless purchases made at vending machines and Points-of-Sale, copies taken at copiers, prints taken..
In today’s highly competitive business environment, every organization strives to develop better systems for managing their resources, cost control, resource tracking, and..
The access control system is the basic platform used to implement for the smart card based integrated building management system. Various services i.e..
Our Enterprise portal solution, INFOGATE  is modular based with various modules namely customized content management system, community & collaboration tools..
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Absec Malaysia is a developer of cashless payment and control systems for multi application cards based on magnetic stripe, chip, barcode and proximity technologies. Our systems can be applied for student, staff and membership identification systems, resource management system, customer loyalty systems, back-office settlement, control of office equipment, photocopiers, vending machines, laundry machines, Point of Sale workstations and access to building for both attended and unattended environment. Our web applications works on Liferay Portal on Java, InfoGate on PHP and Microsoft Sharepoint on .NET technologies.


  • Time Attendance Management
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  • Copy Control
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  • Access Control
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  • Library Management System
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