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Multi Application Campus Card

Unrivalled experience with educational institutions, acquired through years of supplying multi-application card systems, has given Absec a unique understanding of the campus environment, its demands and expectations

Many colleges and universities already employ cards, primarily for identification. The introduction of a smartcard to the university identification system offers, not only functionality of stored value, but many other useful applications designed to decrease administrative costs and increase campus revenues.

By automating small value transactions, such as buying lunch in the cafeteria, buying a drink at a vending machine, paying for library fines, paying for PC, internet and copier usage, campus administrators can reduce overheads, improve cash flow and prevent theft and vandalism.

Single smartcard for multiple applications

Each student carries a smartcard which can be loaded with a 'cash' value. The card is based on the debit card concept so funds must be loaded onto the card before they can be spent. This secures cash in advance for the campus administration.

A range of unattended loading devices or value loaders are available to load funds onto cards. Both attended and self-service models accept bank notes and coins, and interactive student kiosks are available to facilitate credit card transactions, fund transfers and requests for card statements.

When value has been loaded onto the card it can be used to pay for a range of key services.

Payment for Meals in Cafeteria

Payment at Automatic Vending Machines

Payment at Campus Store

Payment for the use of Photocopiers

Payment for the use of Fax Machines

Payment for the use of PCs and Network Printers

Payment for time spent on the Internet

The solution is driven by powerful back office software, which defines card user rights, permitting the allocation of subsidies and discounts to individual users. The software also tracks, records and processes each transaction providing comprehensive management information at the touch of a button.

Complementary Functions

As a skilled systems integrator, Absec delivers solutions centred around a multi-functional smartcard that meets the requirements of specific sites. The power of this solutions is built around strategic partnerships with specialist suppliers of library management packages, student and staff identification systems, campus wide access control, time & attendance tracking, banking services and settlement software.

In addition to the chip, a variety of additional features including magnetic stripe, barcode and proximity technologies can be incorporated on the staff and student cards.

The systems integration mentioned above facilitates additional complementary card functionality including:

Student / Staff ID card Identification

External and Internal Door Access

Campus Residence Control

Library Services

Time and Attendance Tracking

Loyalty Schemes