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Catering And Vending

Our smartcard payment solution can assist Caterers and Vending Operators in streamlining the services they offer and increasing profitability. By replacing cash with the latest smartcard technology, Caterers and Vending Operators can secure the competitive edge required to succeed in today's market.

Increase throughput & revenue

Implementation of the solution reduces transaction times at both Point-of-Sale and vending machines, cutting down on those lunchtime queues. This encourages people to use on-site facilities as opposed to going elsewhere which results in substantially increased revenue.

Accurate control of subsidies & discounts

Any subsidies or discount entitlements are programmed onto the chip on the card and are automatically recognized by our Point-of-Sale terminal when payment is tendered. As these refresh themselves automatically on a daily or weekly basis as required, no intervention is required on the part of System Manager.

Improve cash flow

By implementing the solution, charges and risk involved in handling and transferring cash are avoided. Cash in advance is also secured as the Caterer or Vending Operator can effectively bank the funds loaded onto the card before they are actually spent.

Build customer loyalty

Once cash has been loaded onto the smartcard, it cannot be spent elsewhere. Customers are therefore committed to spending it on-site.

Maintain competitive edge

Depending on contractual arrangements with client organizations, the Caterer or Vending Operator may succeed in providing the client with additional revenue, thus enhancing the client relationship.

Accurate management information at the touch of a button

All components of the  system are fully networked, allowing transaction details from each loader, till and vending machine to be collected and reports quickly and easily generated. For larger sites, sales and card activity reports can be simultaneously accessed from as many PCs as required.

A Single Smartcard for Multiple Applications


The solution is integrated with our Time Attendance System. Furthermore,  Absec has considerable experience of working closely with many providers of automated time and attendance and access control systems and can integrate the  solution with that offered by such a provider. 

The card can also incorporate magnetic stripe, barcode or proximity technology, depending on the site requirement.


Absec also offers a wide range of pre-payment and cost allocation solutions for reprographic services. The reprographic facilities of a busy company often represent a substantial overhead and implementation of Absec's copy management solutions can have considerable impact on efficiency, and ultimately, the bottom line.