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Cost Recovery and Resource Management

In today`s competitive business environment every organisation must develop better systems for tracking and reducing expenses to achieve and sustain improved profitability.

This is special true for the service sector where revenue largely depends on the accurate calculation of coast incurred on behalf of clients. The system solutions for Professional Offices allow companies to track reprographic costs and bill clients for them retrospectively.
The system is an affordable, convenient and easy to use system featuring a combination of Windows driven software and terminals to control access to, and activity on a complete range of office equipment including copiers, both digital and analogue, fax machines and networked laser printers. Other chargeable services such as post and courier charges can also be captured and disbursed.

The terminals that are interfaced to office equipment can be configured for stand-alone or networked functionality.

The powerful system Management Software is a comprehensive and flexible tool allowing the managing of a user and client base and the production of a range of both standard and customized reports.