Frequently Ask Question: Network Printing


Q: How many users can print to a Print Release Station?
A: As many as you like, but you need to consider the ergonomics of the situation and ensure that the Printing Station does not become a bottleneck for printing

Q: Can I charge different prices for different paper sizes?
A: Yes, each printer has 24 different paper size settings

Q: Can I charge different rates for colour and mono prints?
A: Yes, it is possible to configure the network print queues so that the print release station can differentiate between colour and mono print jobs

Q: Can password protect print jobs at the print release station?
A: Yes, the system can be configured so that jobs may be selected only on provision of the network password. This is only applicable to jobs delivered from windows workstations

Q: Can users see the cost of the job before printing?
A: Yes, when the job is selected at the smartprint central print station, the price will be calculated and displayed with an option to print or cancel

Q: Can users print part of a job?
A: Yes, if the user cannot afford the complete job, they can delete the job and then print part of it using normal windows printing functions

Q: How do I prevent jobs from building up which have not been paid for?
A: The print release station will automatically delete print jobs when they been waiting at the print release station for a defined period of time. This period of time is configurable by the system administrator