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The copier systems can essentially be interfaced to any make or model of copier. The interface provide on the Copy Control product is a fully configurable interface featuring from one to four price lines.

The terminals may be connected to copiers which provide discrete outputs to each paper size, multi pulses (to differentiate between paper sizes) and latch signals. The terminals also support connection to copiers that provide billing outputs to each paper size, multiple pulses (to differentiate between papers size) and latch signals. The terminals also support connection to copiers that provide billing outputs at different voltages and also passive outputs.

Our range of Copy Control terminals available are the smartcard terminals, the mag-stripe copier terminal, the Print terminals and the Minivend Coin Copier terminal.

Prepaid Magnetic Stripe Copier Controller

The 6255 terminal is a versatile magnetic card payment terminal, which can be interfaced to a photocopier, print release station or PC workstation. The 6255 terminal accepts both disposable and rechargeable EasyCards and the terminal operates in one of three modes:

Copy Vending Mode – In copy vending mode the terminal accepts both cards encoded with a cash value or a number of copies (or units). If rechargeable cards are used, they can be revalue at the terminal by an authorized member of staff. In copying mode, the 6255 provides up to four price lines, which facilitates charging for four different paper sizes. A special Audit Card provides access to the following information:

•Total number of copies taken by priceline
•Total number of external and override copies taken by priceline
•Total amount of cash and units deducted from card
•Total amount of cash and units added to cards during revaluations

Coin Copier Controller

Minivend 4 offers the latest design of coin unit for operating a photocopier. Easy to fit, easy to use, flexible and affordable too. This freestanding coin unit fits to virtually all makes and models of photocopier and selected printers. It can operate as a standalone or in tandem with a card system.

It gives great flexibility for users, accepting up to six coin values and offering eight price lines. A high quality scrolling LCD display makes usage both quick and easy. This unit is highly secure, offering a full audit trail of all transactions.

Minivend 4 can be used in all major European countries and is Euro compatible. This is a high quality affordable system for any library, educational establishment or organisation.
           Cabinet Specification

• Large capacity cashbox. Accepts up to 2000 coins.
• 950mm high x 131mm wide x 145mm deep
• A robust metal cabinet, made out of 1.2mm gauge steel and      weighing 9kgs
• Requires a power supply rated at 12V DC, 500mA

Market Sector for the coin box are as follows:

• Libraries
• Schools and Colleges
• Universities
• Business Centres
• Resource Centres
• Copy Shops
• Training Organisations
• Commercial Organisations

6255 Copy Terminal

Minivend 4 Coin Box