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Terminals: Value Loader

Value Loader machine have been designed to offer self service Print Management System account revaluation. They are secure, robust, easy to install and simple to use with low maintenance demands.

The Value Loader machine range offers six different configuration options: coin acceptance, coin acceptance with receipt printer, note acceptance, note acceptance with receipt printer, note and coin acceptance and note and coin acceptance with receipt printer.

The Value Loader will allow Print Management Systems, users with accounts on the system to add value to their online accounts. The Users identify themselves using a card swipe or optional keyboard to input their ID ; the TCP/IP network will transmit username and password and publish the balance on the screen. The user can then tender monies that will be credited to the user's online account. With the addition of a receipt printer a receipt of all monies tendered can be provided. All transactions are logged for auditing and control purposes.

The Value Loader are housed in a secure 3mm thick steel cabinet protected by two 10pin radial security locks.


  • Astro Systems GBA II note reader accepting 4 different note combinations
  • Mars Cashflow 330 coin mechanism accepting 6 different coin combinations
  • SMS entry for alphanumeric characters or full keypad input Options
  • 100 BaseT network interface
  • Security mode to hide user passwords
  • 97 Series MIFARE Card LogOn Version Available
  • New Lo/Co and Hi/Co magnetic swipe card version available.

PC206    Embedded    Touch Pad

Value Loader