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Cloud Computing

Skali Cloud Computing: Overview

Highly elastic cloud computing and storage infrastructure. Pay when you use, and resize whenever you need. Choose from 20+ operating systems or your own raw drive image and we will set it up for you for FREE. 100% Availability Service Level Agreement.

  1. Highly elastic cloud computing and storage infrastructure
    1. CPU (MHz)  :  1000 - 32000
    2. RAM (MB)  :   512 - 12288
    3. HDD (GB RAID) : 1 - 1000
    4. Transfer (GB/month)  : 10 - 2000
    5. Fixed IP  :
  2. Pay when you use, and resize whenever you need.
    1. Pay as you use : RM   /per hour
    2. Subscribe : RM  /per month
    3. Prepaid amount  : RM
  3. Choose from 20+ operating systems or your own raw drive image and we will set it up for you for FREE.
    1. Windows Server 2008 R2 Standard, Windows Web Server 2008, Windows Web Server 2008 R2, Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Web Edition; Debian 5.0, Debian 4.0; Ubuntu 9.04, Ubuntu 8.10; CentOS 5.5, CentOS 5.4, CentOS 5.3, Knoppix 6.0, Red Hat Fedora 13, Red Hat Fedora 12, Red Hat Fedora 11, Red Hat Fedora 10, Ubuntu 10.04, Ubuntu 9.04, FreeBSD 8.0, FreeBSD 7.2, OpenSolaris 2009, or Upoad your own, or Upload Raw Hard Drive Image
  4. 100% Availability Service Level Agreement
    1. Ideal for customer community portals, seasonal multimedia campaigns, batch processing, offsite backup, and prototype demo.

Skali Cloud Computing: Infrastructure

  • Each layer of the infrastructure has been carefully designed and configured to provide optimum performance to your virtual servers.
  • Virtual server environment allows you to have complete control to choose the operating system, applications and configuration of your machine, just like a physical hosted server. In addition, you can use any web browser to scale your machine up or down and to manage all of the full suite of services that you need for your web application (e.g. domain registration, DNS).
  • Virtualization platform uses Linux KVM, the advanced virtualization platform built into mainline Linux.
  • Clustering technology is used for redundancy, load balancing and automatic failover, using RAID to keep your data safe and your virtual server running even in the (unlikely!) case of hard disk failure.
  • Server OS uses it's own stripped-down Linux distribution on our servers to host the virtualization platform with maximum efficiency and security.
  • Server hardware uses high-end multi-processor servers, fitted with 8-core AMD "Magny-Cours" Opteron CPUs. We support processor released by either AMD or Intel to offer second generation hardware support for virtualization, greatly increasing performance and effectively eliminating MMU virtualization overhead.
  • Network connectivity via JARING's high speed backbone, called SuperJARING – a powerful multi-gigabits per second IP-over-Fibre network, and TimeDotCom High-Speed Metro-Ethernet network.
  • Data centrer in Serdang, near Cyberjaya, Malaysia. Soon, to be extending the cloud cluster to other availability zones for a more robust cloud redundancies.
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