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Web And Portal Management Service
The portal integrates with other software under the same stable. It enables reports to be viewed anywhere, anytime through Internet connectivity. Some of the Windows-driven software features such as PC booking and book reservation has also be extended through web using the portal. A content management module is also offered as an option to clients who wish to manage their website and at the same time want to publish the reports and usage of their resources over the web. The content management module provides some personalization and control over the access of information made available over the web. Web Content Management System


INFOGATE is an affordable, convenient and easy-to-use web application system featuring a combination of web based and Windows-driven software linked to card-reader devices and terminals. It is mainly used for controlling and managing the use of shared resources, such as rooms, shared facilities, photocopiers, printers, vending machines, computers, library books, etc. 

The following describes the InfoGate sub-systems, modules and features

1. PC Access Sub-System

1.(a) PC Management System module

- able to monitor the time a user logs into the PC and the time he or she logs out, thus enabling usage of PCs to be monitored.

- controls access to the PCs as the software only allows authorized users to access the PCs. This is done via advanced booking, a feature available in the software.

- able to take control of the computer and define which PC functionalities and application programs the user is able to access. 

- able to restrict the user from printing activities and restrict access to the computer network or workgroup.

- The software is ideal for Internet cyber-cafes, schools, educational campus, colleges, universities and public libraries who have computer laboratories that want to manage the usage of the equipment to avoid any abuse and to ensure smooth operation.

2. Network Printing and Photocopying Sub-System

2.(a) Printing/Photocopying Management System module

- able to monitor the time a user logs into the PC and the time he or she logs out, thus enabling usage of PCs to be monitored

- combination of Windows driven software and terminals to control access to, activity on a complete range of copiers (digital and analogue) and networked laser printers. 

- provides comprehensive and flexible tool allowing the management of users/clients and the generation of both standard and customized reports that track the usage of the equipments by the users. 

- The terminal options involve card, PIN or alphanumeric operational models that only allow only authorized users to access the printing or photocopying equipment.

3. Point of Sales Sub-System

3.(a) Universal Loyalty Program System - ULP module

-      ULP is a database driven web application system for calculating and generating vouchers for frequent users / purchases of consumer products or services

-      Main modules are membership, card management, voucher generation, voucher redemption, transaction history, reporting & statistics, and administration.

-      The system is currently in use by Litrak and Touch n Go, and currently processes about 60 million transactions a month and generating 300,000 rebate vouchers a month. It is also used to generate more than 1 million festive scheme rebate vouchers during festive occassions such as for Hari Raya, Chinese New Year, Christmas, Deepavali, etc. POS counters are able to retrieve the vouchers either through web services or distributed databases.

-      It features a web portal for cardholders to view current rebate status and related transactions, and for business users to generate reports and statistics on transactions, vouchers, redemptions, and cardholders

4. Unattended Loading Devices Sub-System

4.(a) Quik2Go System module

-      Quik2Go is a web application system for TnG cardholders to reload the value on their card through the internet. The cardholder purchases the reload value through the system and paid through an online payment gateway. The reload value is then added to the card through a USB connected device.

-      Main modules are membership management, device and card management, online payment gateway, transaction history, and administration.

5. Access Control Sub-System

5.(a)Time Attendance Management module

- web-based application that allows you to record staff clock-in and clock-out times electronically and run transactional and exception reports of staff times.

-  uses contactless, non-swipe smartcards smart card readers (or biometric readers) and also PC to capture the time attendance data. 

- Alerts can be created when a particular staff comes late or leaves early and various time reports can be generated such as daily and monthly historical login/logout transactions, latecomers report, early leavers report and staff listing. 

5.(b) Visitor Management and Monitoring module

- The Visitor Management System (ViSys) controls the access to any organization.

- authorized members can access to the organization as PBS requires authentication to be done using the My Kad or contactless card before anyone can enter the organization